ellie heywood (elettr) is an artist & designer from North West England. she currently lives and works in Leeds, UK. her background lies in the fine arts and she graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Graphic Design from Leeds Arts University in 2016.

since then her practice has evolved and currently centres around calligraphy and painting, with a focus on abstract calligraphy. she's particularly interested in the form of letters and pushing their boundaries into abstraction. projects include custom lettering, original calligraphy and mural design.


editorial features:

Typism Book 6 (2020), Simply Lettering Magazine (2019), Caboodle Magazine (2019), Independent Leeds Magazine (2017)


Solo @ The Brunswick (2018), Coffee on the Crescent (2017), Art from Non-Art (2017), Disposable Society (2016)


open for commissions and collaborations; please don't hesitate to get in touch ~ send an email to ellie@goatcollective.co.uk for price lists.

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