Blackletter Lowercase Worksheets

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Image of Blackletter Lowercase Worksheets Image of Blackletter Lowercase Worksheets

Fraktur calligraphy worksheets for you to print and complete at home.
The PDF consists of 3 reference sheets and 6 worksheets, plus an instruction page for some extra detail on pens, angles and guidelines.

The worksheets will build up your skills using drill exercises and eventually lead you through the steps to create each letterform of the lowercase alphabet. There is a reference sheet and a worksheet that includes directions on each letter to guide you through the movements of each stroke.

See also my latest Skillshare class, where I talk through these steps in full and show some variations of certain letters. Sign up for a Premium membership using this link [ https://www.skillshare.com/r/profile/Ellie-Heywood/6581208 ] to take the class.

Feel free to print these worksheets as many times as you like to practice your lowercase Fraktur calligraphy. The best pen suitable for these sheets is a 5mm broad edge pen or nib; alternatively the Pilot parallel 6mm pen works well too.

Please note that the worksheets will be sent to you as a PDF via email once the order is received.

Enjoy! Please tag me in any photos of your progress using the sheets. I'd love to see them :)

UPDATE: Now available to buy as a set of printed worksheets if you don't have access to a printer! Select the 'Printed Sheets' option and the price includes postage. The printed sheets come with one of each (9 sheets total) which you can trace at home to practice more. You will also receive the digital PDFs to use when you are able to print.

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